• In the energy segment, we provide legal services in the electrical power engineering, gas and heating sectors, particularly in the following areas:

    1. licensing of production plants, distribution activities, trade and other activities in the energy sector
    2. preparation of contractual documents for both typical and atypical transactions
    3. comprehensive legal advice in the energy sector, preparation of analyses and recommendations
    4. legal due diligence for energy companies
    5. issues of supported energy sources
    6. representation in proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Office and the State Energy Inspection
    7. preparation of proper actions and representation in administrative cases
    8. links of energy law to environmental law and competition law

  • Environment

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    The environment is increasingly becoming a topical issue in multiple spheres of everyday life, not only for individuals but especially for companies. Our clients need the support of specialised law firms to operate properly in this area.
    KF Legal deals in detail with:

    – waste management and end-of-life products
    – building permit procedures and zoning procedures and the EIA process
    – legal regulation of the Packaging Act
    – the Water Act and issues of water supply and sewerage systems
    – the Atomic Act and the operation of radioactive waste repositories
    – renewable energy sources

    Our legal services in environmental law especially include representation in administrative proceedings before public and local authorities and before courts, as well as preparation of contractual documentation. We prepare both legal analyses for clients and recommendations for their procedures.

Mgr. et Mgr. Jan Kořán

“I have been dealing with energy law for more than 20 years and I have devoted my career to this area and client satisfaction.”


"We don’t only see energy and environmental law through acts, but understand your business, as well as technical issues."

Mgr. et Mgr. Jan Kořán

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